How to Redeem

CryptoWhips were the inspiration behind the start of the Riot Racers car racing game. The creators of Riot Racers have offered to make each of the original CryptoWhips OG Collection able to be used in the Riot Racers game.

In order for the CryptoWhips to be used in the game, they must be first redeemed for a Riot Racers car.

Here are the steps to redeem your car:

  1. Join the Riot Racers discord (

  2. Go to the CryptoWhips Redemption channel

  3. Post a request with a link to your CryptoWhip on OpenSea tagging @George (no DM)

  4. Have a look at the redemption priority list below, so you know when to expect your Riot Racers car.

  5. Once the NFT is ready and send to your wallet a team member will notify you on discord

  6. The CryptoWhips car will be marked as redeemed in the tracking list.

Rules regarding priority and redemptions:

  1. You need to redeem your car during the redemption period

  2. To receive your Riot Racers equivalent NFT, the original CryptoWhips car must still be present in your wallet - If you send us a redeem request but sell your (CW) car in in the meantime your redemption will be void.

  3. If a CW car has already formally redeemed but sold after that, the new owner has to fill out a new redemption request in order to get the RR car.

  4. Due to legal reasons the RR conversions of the original CW cars might have slight visual alterations in order to comply with international copyright laws.

  5. The release dates in the redemption priority table are approximate, but the ticket order is final.

  6. If you redeem your car late and the priority tickets moved on further than your ticket number, then your ticket will be put at the end of the priority list.

  7. If you don't see your CryptoWhips car on the priority list means that your CryptoWhips car was sold to you over 60 days ago - those cars will be prioritized randomly.

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